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HOBY Legacy Fund

Nearly 60 years ago, after an inspirational nine-day visit with Dr. Albert Schweitzer, legendary actor Hugh O’Brian created HOBY.  Hugh dedicated his life to the vision of a world in which young leaders make a difference in the lives of others through leadership, service and innovation.

To date, Hugh and HOBY have inspired over 475,000 young leaders and each year, we welcome more than 12,000 new Ambassadors into the HOBY family. The Hugh O’Brian Legacy Fund is our chance to honor Hugh for all he has given while providing resources to sustain his greatest legacy: HOBY. The Hugh O’Brian Legacy Fund is an endowment which creates opportunities for future generations of HOBY youth. 

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Together, we will inspire future generations with the ideas and work of Hugh O’Brian. The Hugh O’Brian Legacy Fund will give scholarships for youth who otherwise would not attend HOBY programs. Our goal is to raise at least $1,000,000 and we need your help. Organizations with the largest endowments are the most successful long term because they have the financial resources to accomplish what is necessary to secure a strong future.

For more information please review the HOBY Legacy Fund Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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